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Expand Your Market with Citrix Workspace

Be among the first software providers to deliver  microapp integrations to Citrix Workspace and own your business application segment. Break into new markets for your class of application by getting in front of the existing Citrix customer base. Bring more value to your current clients and secure new clients by adding automation, giving your customers the ability to orchestrate and automate how they work.

The Citrix Workspace platform is the industry’s first unified digital Workspace, offering the most complete and integrated capabilities allowing people to securely access their web apps, SaaS, Windows, Linux and mobile app, desktop and files from anywhere on any device.

The intelligent features in Workspace extend these capabilities by adding machine learning-fueled microapps, workflow automation, and universal search. A microapp is a bite-sized application made available to users with simplified and streamlined functionality using data from more complex enterprise applications. It eliminates the need for users to parse through complex enterprise apps to complete a single task.

Microapps utilize APIs available within SaaS, web, or home-grown applications to allow users to see focused content and take action without a need to launch the full application or switch context.

Quality. Speed. Trust. Let Us Build Your Certified Solution

A2K Partners offers a turnkey solution to integrate your application into Workspace for use with microapp and workflow automation technologies following the same standards and specifications used for Citrix’s in-product connectors.

Your application connector to workspace intelligence will be built and integrated by the same engineering and development team building integrations for Citrix.

The work can be completed in less than 20 business days with zero load or lift to your organization in five easy steps.


We Do the Work. You Show the World.

Validated microapp integrations from A2K Partners build customer trust and increase your product value. The validation process ensures your microapp integrations have passed a rigorous set of security, quality, and performance criteria to start reaching new customers and growing your business through Citrix Workspace.

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