Workspace as a Service

Access All of Your Work on Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Today’s employees demand ways to access access their work on any device they want to use. And they expect expect a modern consumer-like user experience from the technology they use in the workplace. Now you can secure and deliver everything they need to compute — devices, apps, networks, and data — in the way they want it. Plus, all of this can be managed in a simple way, that makes life easier for everyone and costs far less.

A Consumer-Like User Experience. At Work.

Our Workspace as a Service solution allows your workforce to compute in their work life the same way they do in their personal life. It combines “everything IT” in one place for your employees to do their job. Anyone can access all of the technology they need to work from on a desktop, laptop , tablet or smartphone — in the office or out in the field. Everything will have the same user experience no matter what device they are on.

What is Workspace as a Service?

Workspace as a Service takes all of the complicated and spread out pieces of work technology — apps, the cloud, data, email, printing, security policies, VPN access, etc. — and packages it all together as one seamless and transparent consumer-like product. It delivers an entire “digital workplace” in one app-like interface that any user — employee, contractor, partner, customer, etc — can access from any location and on any device.

You can scale up and down the number and type of Workspaces you need to meet your business needs—things like staffing temporary workers during peak seasons, managing contractors, deploying branch offices, adding new distributors, and mergers or acquisitions.

Enable Mobile Device Freedom Without Limits

Your workforce shouldn’t have to struggle with using the phone or tablet of their choice vs the need for IT security and control. With Workspace as a Service, the fight is over. Employees can have all of the access, flexibility and visibility in a way that everyone can feel satisfied and safe. They can tap, swipe and type their ways through more productive workdays while IT maintains the privacy, security, control and compliance. No more frustration with trying to access apps and data. Everyone can get everything they need to do their job — with all of their data, settings and same user experience — across iOS, Android and Windows.

Bring Your Own Device and Feel Liberated

Give your workforce the power of choice to use their own devices — any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet — without questions about security and trust. Transparently manage the access to apps and files across all of their computing devices. Data remains safe no matter where it’s at — in your data center, in the cloud or on the end user device. The employee’s entire computing profile will follow them wherever they go, allowing them to access all of their work and do what they need to do. It’s really that easy.

Say Goodbye to Hardware Headaches

Eliminate the endless list of administrative people and work required to manage and recycle desktop and laptop environments of the past. Automate and digitize how you provision, deploy and maintain every piece of your employee computing environment. As the needs of your workforce change, you can provision and deprovision any part or all of their technology at the push of a button.

Imagine how much easier life will be (and cheaper) without all of the hardware inventory to manage. You can stop over-buying desktops and laptops to keep them in storage. In fact, you can completely eliminate the need to ever buy one again. Instead provide on-demand cloud workspaces with any choice of compute, memory, and storage resources, all tailored to the specifications employees need to get more done, faster.

Shift Accounting Cost to Expense

Workspace as a Service is available in a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based subscription pricing model, allowing your business far more control over your computing costs. Everything can be operational and move over from the balance sheet to the expense account. The entire solution is geared towards reducing costs and decreasing complexity. It delivers mobility, speed and scale to get more work done in ways that make everyone happy, including the bean-counters.

Workspace as a Service – Benefits at a Glance


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