Upwork Talent Solution with Citrix Workspace

Best Talent. Best Technology. Best Work.

Access to Talent On-Demand. Immediately.

Take advantage of a more flexible and diverse way to source your staffing by leveraging the Upwork Talent Solution with Citrix Workspace to deliver a more productive and secure way to work.

Businesses are now able to tap into a variable and elastic pool of freelance skills, with confidence that high-value work will be delivered in ways that meet their most demanding work deadline and security requirements.

Interview, hire, and work with high-skill independent freelancers and diverse agencies through the company’s platform, to accelerate the time it takes to find, vet and hire talent.

Eliminate friction from traditional talent onboarding and offboarding processes and cut start time from weeks to days. Minimize worker productivity ramp time through a proactive solution that delivers highly skilled people with the right tools to seamlessly work, communicate and collaborate in your environment — all ready to perform and start delivering on day one.

Upwork is the leading talent solution used by 30% of Fortune 500 Companies and offer 30% average savings for companies.

In just 3 steps, Upwork offers a wide pool of proven, expert freelance talent with quick and easy access to 8,000+ skills.


Scale Your Teams Faster with Zero IT Hassle, Hardware, or Security Risk.

Hire, onboard and offboard from a vast talent pool with no IT lift — people start out already having the right technology — tools, apps, access levels, and security requirements to work in your environment from the get-go.

Forget about provisioning computers for temporary workers. Upwork talent comes ready to deliver with the pre-approved technology needed to work in your business environment.

Seamlessly connect talent with your teams and your teams with talent, bringing peace of mind to communication, collaboration, and work deliverables.

Now you can rapidly bring freelancers onto your team with confidence that you are meeting your most rigorous IT infrastructure compliance, access, and security requirements.

This solution can also be used to power the rest of your existing in-office and remote workforce of every type (W2, 1099, Partner)

Elastic Pay-as-you-go Model

Now you have an option to expand and contract your resources providing more flexible options with no long-term obligations. Quickly turn talent and technology on and off depending on your business needs streamlining security and keeping budgets in check.

With this new consumption model, you only pay for what you use without having to worry about tracking expensive hardware that sits idle during down times.

Optimize license costs and take advantage of the ability to deliver on demand virtual applications and desktops right from the cloud.

This simple and predictable pay-as-you-go subscription model makes it easy to scale IT ready talent up or down on demand. This solution is the most cost-effective way to give remote workers the right tools, technology, and security in a more cost-effective way.

Technology by Citrix, the Secure Platform You Can Trust.

The future of work is here–and the power of Citrix puts your organization at the front of innovation. Any person, any device, anywhere—Empower workers of all types to do more valuable work that matters.

Citrix makes the extraordinary possible by powering a world where people, organizations and things are securely connected and accessible.

Citrix is trusted to make it easy for more than 100 million users across 400,000 organizations – including 98% of the Fortune 500 –to power a better way to work.

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