Workflow as a Service

Distractions. Static. Noise. Off.

Today’s employees are plagued by too much data, too many choices, too many interruptions, and way, WAY too many apps. They desperately need to cut out the static and turn down the noise during their workday, so they can stop doing low-value work and actually focus on getting real work done that matters.

But instead, they find themselves wasting too much time bouncing back and forth between multiple complex applications to do their job. It can be so overwhelming, they just go back to doing things the old way. And it’s downright frustrating when all of the information they rely on to do their work is disorganized and sprawled out in different systems.

Confusion. Chaos. Waiting… Gone.

On top of this, they have to wait for all kinds of reports, updates and approvals that are manually sent and received from other workers and other departments. Who doesn’t feel powerless?

Layer on all of the text, email, chat and social media channels they have to sift through and interact with. Combine that with the usual slow and redundant processes. Throw in the exceptions, random requests and approvals everyone has to deal with.

It’s a wonder how anyone who already has to spend the majority of their workday in meetings can accomplish anything anymore. The fact is, it’s disabling. The reality is, getting work done is downright painful.

What is Workflow as a Service?

Simply put, Workflow as a Service automates the stuff that makes employee workdays annoying and hectic and turns it into a focused and effortless consumer-like user experience. It can be used anytime and anywhere in real-time—no matter what app they usually need to access to do their job.

Workflow as a Service combines smart business processes and automation technology to eliminate the everyday confusion, chaos and time-suck your employees have to deal with. It digitizes everyone’s repetitive tasks, low-value work and end-to-end business processes and connects it all with the corresponding IT system or app it relies on. It multiplies the speed of routing and processing while allowing everyone to react faster and easier. It take low-value tasks and gets them done automatically in a way that’s invisible.

Everything that needs to get done is consolidated into organized and guided “workflows”. Workflows are accessed through a single app that can be securely run on any desktop, laptop or mobile device in and out of the office. The end result connects everything they need to get done and everyone they need to get it done with, together in one easy to use and uncluttered place.

Get People up and Running Faster and Keep Them That Way

Cut down the amount of time it takes to get employees onboard and up to speed in their new jobs from months and weeks down to a matter of days. Set employees up to succeed faster and easier by creating a thriving employee work environment that will help your company multiply employee retention, drive productivity, and save tons of time and money.

Give your people the intelligent, simple and reliable modern employee experience that enables them to work when, where and how they want – and be their most productive and successful.

Workflow as a Service also allows you to measure and report on things like number of users, usage and how much productivity is gained so you can figure out even more ways to put work on autopilot and make like easier for everyone.

Make All Employees Proactive and Give Them Awesome Experiences

Engage employees in more positive and productive ways. Put more enjoyment into their work so they can work better with one another. Now you can give them blazing-fast connected, personalized and interactive work experiences using technology that feels like it’s not even there. Tools they will be excited about using.

Promote your employee well-being and their flexible work styles so they feel motivated to do more and more of the work that really matters to grow. Empower the people with tools they love, to help them do more of what they love — delivering the value that sets them apart — to perform their best and feel great about work.

Modernize Your Big “Old School” Apps in Weeks Instead of Years

It’s no surprise that work apps have fallen decades behind modern consumer apps like Facebook, Amazon and Dropbox. And so many businesses still depend on legacy IT systems of record that — for lots of reasons — just can’t go away overnight. But with Workplace as a Service, that’s completely OK. Now you can breathe new life into your old-school, homegrown systems. Connect them all to a modern user experience with a consumer-like interface and mobile experience, they can use just like the apps they love to use outside of work.

Already trying to modernize these systems? Been putting it off for years? Have teams already trying to create your own mobile app? No problem. Now you can eliminate your long development times and high costs of custom app building with done-for-you, no-code “microapps” that will cut months and even years off your digital transformation projects. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Workflow as a Service supports common apps like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, Office365,  Zoho, or G-Suite plus hundreds of — often complex custom — applications. You can connect and consolidate your companies entire eco-system in one place with the same look and feel. So spend less time on architecture and coding. Instead, cut to the chase by using Workflow as a Service to automate and deliver more of the crucial actions each employee has to perform every day, in ways that drive more competitive advantage and value.

Your Opportunities Are Limitless

You can make massive impact across all areas of your business in no time at all by focusing on what affects the most work across the most number of employees most of the time. Or, change the little things that drive people crazy. Free up more time for your key people so they can spend more of their time working on more of what brings in the big dollars.

The ways you can apply Workflow as a Service in every business department you have is nearly endless.

Here are some of the most common (and most obvious) major problem areas we start with for our customers.

Undeniable Time and Cost Savings

Workflow as a Service is available in a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based subscription pricing model, allowing your business far more control over your development and implementation costs. Everything can be operational, come right off the balance sheet and go right into the expense account. The entire solution is geared towards reducing costs and decreasing complexity while enabling mobility, speed and scale for your workforce to get more of their jobs done in ways that make everyone a winner and feel great about work.

Workflow as a Service – Benefits at a Glance

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