In Demand Talent with Built-In Corporate Grade Zero-Trust Security

Next Level Workforce.
Fast. Easy. Safe.

Secure Talent Cloud is an on-demand distributed virtual talent pool of highly motivated independent freelancers and contractors, driven to deliver the best possible level of service.

All talent comes automatically onboarded with secure access to the applications, content, and files you want them to have, on the devices they prefer to use in ways that best integrate with your organizations work style to deliver flexible and impactful business outcomes.


Variable talent pool of virtual workers with the right personality and skills, driven to deliver the best possible level of service.


Seamlessly flex to match any demand, ranging from different skills, locations, shift times or seasonal spikes. Onboard talent with nothing for IT to do.


Intelligent cloud based digital workspace that redefines and simplifies what it means to work from anywhere, anytime. Change at any time.


Keep customer and company information safe with best-in-class security and encryption for everything work. Confidence access is removed when off-boarded.

Employers are making the shift to “rent” talent to fill the skills gap as a major trend that will shape work in 2021 and beyond.

Harvard Business Review

Secure Talent Cloud Difference

Our variable workforce will deliver the right mix of skills and experience on-demand in a more flexible and scalable model, able to transcend geographic limitations and typical work hour requirements.

It is the only talent solution that onboards resources on day one with a secure digital workspace with intelligent automation that accelerates productivity and proficiency ramp-times.

Integrated as a Turnkey Service




Bypass burdensome people and technology onboarding times


Enable people to get up to speed and start delivering faster by shortening ramp-times >30%. Pays for itself.


Increase engagement and get >20% more output from your talent in the same amount of time. Pays for itself.


Assure your people, data and technology are safely and securely decommissioned.

Winning Talent = Winning Outcomes

We attract educated, experienced people with the right personality and skills.

Everyone we pre-vet has an entrepreneurial spirit and is responsible for their own success, which makes them uniquely invested in your company and brand’s success.

Think Outside the Office.
Integrated Digital Working Environment.

Talent connects to your company systems using a secure digital workspace that encrypts all data interactions associated with their work activities.

Talent can be deployed anywhere in the world with access to the applications, files and data to do their work on any desktop or mobile device without limits.

Our innovative and efficient digital workspace allows you to open up new talent pools by being able to work with resources in low-bandwidth geographical locations.

Overcome the myth that W2 employees are more secure than freelancers with an end result better than if your person was sitting next to you in the office on the corporate network.

Serious Security Assurance

We provide a proactive and comprehensive approach to secure identity and access that is unmatched in the industry. Security access is aligned and limited to your company standards.

Typical concerns about risk such as downloading, taking screenshots, or capturing data will be safeguarded or restricted based on your business requirements.

Elastic Talent Consumption Model

By giving our talent the autonomy of being independent contractors, we attract – and retain – a flexible worldwide network of talented workers.

This allows us to quickly and easily scale the amount of skill and people you need up or down — in an elastic manner — to support the ebb and flow of your organization’s needs.

When the unexpected happens, we can deliver the right size virtual workforce to maintain business continuity.

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