Factual, Analytical, and Actionable Insights Into How Your Processes Should Really Work…and Keep Working


Our process mining services break down your business processes, systems of record and data into their most basic element — the tasks, activities, transactions and experiences your business and people carry out. We then visually show transparently, objectively, and precisely how your product or service and dollars move through your organization’s process sequences in time.

Identify all of your current people, process and IT systems inputs to discover unknown processes and the impact of processes variation or deviation hidden within and across your business operations.

Identify and measure inefficiencies, duplication, or wasted steps within every micro-level step of the process.

Further mine each element and experience to identify bottlenecks and blind spots that can be redesigned, automated and even eliminated to effectively create higher-value outputs. Get the whole picture of how your processes and experiences have performed over time, not just a single point in time, not how it should work, but how it really works, to understand how to improve and continuously step up your game.

Monitor the quality of that value, and actively seek out opportunities to increase it while reducing waste, costs and risk to meet your desired process and business objectives.

Business Process With A Payback

Unlock hidden dollars and capacity in the people and processes you already run throughout your business (think Employee Journey, Quote to Cash, Order Management, Accounts Payable, and Procurement etc.), and systems you already use (think HRIS, ERP, CRM and ITSM etc.) to support investments in new technology and business models that accelerate operations, drive growth, and self-fund more digitalization imperatives.

A2K Partners is a certified Celonis process mining consulting and implementation partner.

Our practice leaders and business analysts have intimate understanding of what business leaders need to achieve with their systems in terms of productivity, performance, and financial objectives.

We also offer rapid-startup ecosystem partner and white label pre-sales, strategy, consulting, and technology implementation services to top-tier management consulting and/or technology firms looking to buy vs build for proof of value engagements, projects and ongoing practice offerings.

Reveal the True Story

Everything you do within your organization leaves a footprint including digital data traces. These traces are not just numbers but together contain the real story behind how your people, processes and experiences actually work and deliver.

Hidden within these data traces are unwanted habits, undesired behaviors, ineffective controls, workarounds and variants. risks and process behaviors we are usually unaware of.

Now you can get the real story behind what is really going on in your business and using intelligence, create the new story with game-changing insights to supercharge your outcomes and sustain them ongoing.

Shine the Spotlight

We monitor process performance and compare theory with reality. Why? Because people rarely work or behave the way you intend or expect.

We start with the obvious: How long do processes really take – down to the second? What causes people and systems to not adhere to the standard? How many variants of a process do we have and why are they really there? Which processes work best? Where are there bottlenecks? Why do our process variations differ?

We then correct this with data science and automation to finally deliver the expected outcomes, ensure they are sustainable and then figure out how to go far beyond them.

Extract More Opportunity

We constantly mine your data and discover more hidden opportunity using data-driven insights that enable you to make smarter decisions faster, take immediate corrective action and communicate better results.

We forensically mine, inquire, analyze and even predict all of your data in ways you may not have thought possible – to help you create more opportunity to scale and deliver better experiences.

Our rapid time to initial value delivery approach will quickly realign your organization and deliver next-level change at an accelerated rate to support the core of your business, people and customers day in and out.

Everything we do is tied together in real-time dashboards and visualizations based on solid facts and objective outcomes rather than subjective thoughts, guesswork and opinion to deliver better informed decision making and process improvement priorities.

  • Mine, inquire and analyze your data in ways you may not have thought possible – helping you to understand and shape your desired process outcome
  • Real-time data integration, to visualize every data trace in your system processes at a granular level and execute in an actionable way at the system level even across multiple systems
  • Investigative real-time dashboard with every core process metric and KPI
  • Gain actionable insight into process data to optimize day-to-day objectives and make smarter split-second decisions, faster and on-the-fly
  • Analyze current state process models automatically, compare process variants, identify the root causes of poorly performing processes, and detect and visualizing compliance violations
  • Monitor your process performance and drive immediate behavior to act on critical cases and performance bottlenecks
  • Integrative and collaborative change management to give your team the chance to explore core metrics and share their thoughts on process models

Four Ways Process Mining Empowers Your Business

Business Transformation

Find out the real truth about what you really have running across your business down to the transactional level. Compare your current state processes with future state and “as-implemented” versions of processes in real time and gain a clear understanding of any variances in your systems, people and tasks. Then optimize the data collected across all of those components and pull it all together to establish your organization’s new story and bring it to life with intuitive dashboards and investigative interfaces to keep it operating at it’s absolute peal performance.

Risk and Compliance

Process mining will help you safeguard against risks by ensuring you critical information you need to identify and take action on your most important areas of improvement. By connecting your processes with your process data you can make fact-based decisions and continuously monitor and measure performance as a standard operating procedure. Your business and risk managers can automatically be alerted to potential breaches or other concerns before they hit your critical business functions and cost you unnecessary time or money.

Operational Resilience

Process mining doesn’t just aid in planning for a crisis—it’s useful to have right in the middle of any challenge. Understand operations and processes across all levels with an automated feedback loop to adjust and refine these processes when new challenges arise. Anytime crisis strikes you can rapidly identify impactful trends and pain points, so you can quickly shift and pivot to keep everything on track. Simulate the impact when any process flow is interrupted, building a response to issues like: exactly which parts of a given process come under stress in different possible crisis situations, what variants or alternate services could be implemented to compensate, and how to reinforce the most common areas of process breakdown.

Operational Excellence

Deliver enterprise-wide process transparency and identify new opportunities to continuously improve your business operations. Make your customer the focal point of every process and change your organization’s way of doing business forever. Synchronize your customer expectations with daily business operations to drive the desired outcomes your customers demand with an unmatched governance capability to manage and measure success.

Business Processes We Work With

Revenue Operations

Purchase to Pay

Order to Cash

Audit and Compliance

Cash Preservation

Master Data Management

Accounts Payable/ Receivable

Inventory Management

Make to Order

Meter to Cash

Vendor Data and Management

Employee Onboard to Offboard

HR Journeys & Ops

Hire to Retire

Sales Journeys & Ops

Lead to Order

IT Service Management

Partner Ecosystems

Warehouse Management


Plant Maintenance

Supply Chain

Procurement Journeys

Procure to Pay

Source to Pay

Customer Service/Support

Customer Onboarding

Product Lifecycle





Capital Markets

Business Systems We Work With

Our extensive library of out of the box pre-built and custom developed connectors, data helpers, and logic operators will give your business the advantage to seamlessly integrate cloud SaaS, On-Prem and homegrown legacy systems of record to push, pull, and transform data to drive processes exactly as you need to. Now, you can skip the manual stuff and instead power your business with fast, error-free automation for a vast number of use cases.

A2K Partners