Strategies & Leadership Forum With A2K Partners and Celonis : The Future of Process – Finance, Accounting & Supply Chain

Learn what high-performance Finance, Accounting, and Supply Chain teams are stealthily doing to exit crisis with an undeniable edge.

Why Should You Attend

The single biggest indicator of business success today? Business Process Optimization by leveraging AI-Driven Process Automation.  This session is for Management Team members who are involved in Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain and Information Technology Roles within core business functions.


October 22 from 1:30pm ET (Eastern) – Great Atlanta & Southwest Strategies & Leadership Forum

October 28 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm CT (Central) Great Houston & South Central Strategies & Leadership Forum


Keynote Presenters

Join us at this invitation-only event for a dynamic discussion among industry Line-of-Business leaders in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain and Enterprise IT seeking to drive better business outcomes by developing business and process automation programs create incredible efficiency and exponential savings. You should register and attend this incredibly valuable session if your role involves:

  • Finance, Finance Operations & FinTech
  • Accounting & Business Process Optimization
  • Supply Chain, Advanced Analytics & Process Improvement
  • Information Technology Management in Finance, Accounting and Supply Chain

You Are Invited!
Learn from industry leaders in this dynamic virtual roundtable discussion:

  • Shift your Finance, Accounting & Supply Chain teams into Ludicrous mode with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Learn what high-performance Finance, Accounting, and Supply chain teams are stealthily doing to exit the Crisis an undeniable edge
  • Create scalable business process automation by dramatically improve throughput and efficiency.
  • Improve user experience through AI-driven robotic process automation.
  • Integrating enterprise business applications with enhance process automation & control
  • Ensuring data accuracy and security while removing redundancy in manual tasks


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