Achieve Maximum Workflow with Sales, HR, and Legal

Good business practices start with work done internally between and within teams. Before organizations can simplify the process of gaining more business using less effort, they must streamline the way teams do work.

Companies need to assist key departments like sales, legal, IT, and HR in achieving more flow with less effort.

When companies automate employee work tasks to achieve higher rates of workflow, it results in many benefits for all departments, including better employee engagement and more revenues on the bottom line.

Here are a few key areas managers need to focus on to achieve maximum flow.

Creating Flow Amidst the Paperwork Jungle of HR

HR offers managers a veritable landscape of opportunities for automating workflows. Here are a few examples where digital workflow solutions can integrate with current systems to automate HR workflows. Common automated workflows for hiring:

  • Finding and completing W-2, W-4, and W-9 forms
  • Sourcing Tax documentation such as 1099 and 1040 forms
  • Direct deposit forms for employees
  • Employment contracts and agreements
  • Independent contractor contracts and agreements
  • Employee and candidate NDAs
  • Employee process manuals and handbooks
  • Verification forms for employees
  • Status change forms for employee
  • Authorization forms for background checks
  • Employee offer letters
  • Documentation for benefits schemes

Onboarding also presents an excellent HR function that’s suitable for the integration of automated workflows. Tasks suited include the following:

  • Employee and contractor onboarding
  • Employee vacation requests
  • Employee expense account claims
  • Employee injury reports
  • PTO request forms
  • Employee complaint forms

Boost Your Revenues with these Sales Workflow Solutions

According to research, your salespeople are probably spending more time on admin-related tasks than they are pushing deals through the door. Sales teams are the heart of any organization, and automated workflows can greatly assist teams with spending less time on admin and more time chasing the money.

Automation can help salespeople move fast when looking for relevant documents, such as the following.

  • General agreements and sales contracts
  • Vendor and Demo NDAs
  • Industry-specific paperwork like real estate or legal agreements
  • General service and terms of service agreements

Automation also helps salespeople manage the onboarding process, both internally and externally, in the organization. Use automation for the following workflows:

  • Client onboarding processes
  • New employee onboarding
  • Partner onboarding for resellers and distributors

Let Digital Workflows Transform Legal Workflows

Apart from providing enforcement and guidance on all legal documentation the organization uses, automated workflows can also assist legal departments with managing documents and improving compliance. Use automation to manage the following workflows.

  • Organizational bylaws
  • Operational agreements
  • Online terms of use and privacy policy documents
  • Confidentiality agreements like NDAs
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder and stock option agreements
  • Investor and accredited investor contracts

Is Your Company Ready to Flow?

Digital workflow automation empowers employees and businesses to offer balanced user experiences outside and inside the organization. A company no longer has to sacrifice legal and security features when implementing and integrating these solutions.

Automated workflows integrate into your current employee and customer experience, allowing teams seamless access across all departments. As a result, communication explodes, and teams interact with each other through a synergistic portal. Join the automated revolution today, and get your organization flowing.

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