CIOs Impact Employee Engagement and Drive Business Performance

Organizations need to learn how to create digital workplaces with employees in mind. One of the buzzwords circulating business leaders at the moment is “employee engagement.” Engagement describes the relationship between a company and its employees.

Engaged workers are enthusiastic and encouragingly challenged by their work. Engaged employees are willing to do more for the company, and they’re leaders in innovation. Companies with high engagement rates find they retain key personnel, and they have an easier time hiring top talent.

However, it might surprise most business leaders to learn that a colossal 70% of American workers say they don’t feel engaged at work. That’s a hard pill for management to swallow, and it also leaves open an opportunity.

Companies that implement employee experiences that drive employee engagement will benefit from significant increases in revenues as employees increase productivity and positive business outcomes across all departments.

Can the CIO Help Company’s Improve Employee Engagement?

The digital workplace is a critical element of the employee experience and a driver of employee engagement. The CIO has the task of providing a working environment that leverages technology to assist employees with achieving business objectives.

The best platforms work with employees to deliver an experience that they can work with daily. A simplistic design and user-friendly interface similar to consumer apps are what employees are looking for in a digital workplace.

Questions CIOs Need to Consider

When executing and managing a digital workspace solution, CIOs should consider the following questions:

  • Do HR, and IT collaborate? – Ask employees what they expect from a tech solution, and how it can improve productivity.
  • Is the IT department proactively managing all technology systems? – Employees will purchase SaaS tools and cloud services without the knowledge of IT or management.
  • Do you understand how employees feel about implementing new tech solutions in the workplace? – IT needs to understand the concerns of employees when building and rolling out the digital workplace.

Employee Engagement Boosts Revenues

CIOS needs to spend time with other line-of-business departments in the company, especially HR. By connecting with LOB, CIOs have the opportunity to influence the company’s growth.

According to research, engaged employees are the backbone of any organization. Successfully implementing a digital workplace that enhances employee engagement leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, as well as improved revenues and employee productivity.

Companies that fail in their digital transformation have to deal with higher rates of absenteeism in staff, as well as more safety incidents, higher turnover, and lower customer ratings.

Today’s CIOs have to step in and seize the opportunity to impact the two most significant factors comprising revenue growth – the customer experience and employee engagement.

Strategic business leaders partner with Marketing and HR departments to create a competitive advantage for the company using technology systems.

No other department, other than IT, is better suited to bringing the entire tech stack into view, taking the lead in the company’s cloud-based intelligence strategy.

Those CIOs that take the time to implement and successfully manage a digital transformation will significantly outperform companies that are late to the digital workplace revolution.

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