Employees Want Personalized Experiences from Enterprise Applications

Are your employees feeling frustrated with your enterprise systems? If employee engagement is down, then your employees might not want to use the app because they find it interferes with their workflow.

Studies show that employees want consumer-grade functionality from their workplace solutions. Offering a mobile-first solution with social media style personalization and a consumer-style experience revolutionizes the way work gets done at your company.

In most cases, enterprise software solutions are failing due to the complexity of the platform, limited mobile execution, and inefficient workflows. As a result, employees have to search for the results they need across multiple systems, reducing productivity.

Complex Enterprise Systems Create Friction

Employees find it challenging to deal with the number of systems they have to access every day. According to research, employees use 25% more apps than they did two years ago.

Over 60% of employees also state that they ignore data during the decision-making process if they have to pull it from more than one system. A further 60% said that logging into numerous systems delays workflows.

Personalized Data Feeds

Almost three-quarters of all employee’s state that they prefer accessing sub-sets of personalized data, instead of a comprehensive data set.

A further 30% of all employee’s state personalized notifications for tasks would help them improve productivity levels.

A further 28% of all employees say that personalized feeds for actions and updates will enhance the decision-making process when leveraging, accessing, and taking action on the information they receive.

Provide a Mobile-First Workplace Experience

Nearly 70% of all employees state that they want a mobile-first workplace. However, less than 55% of organizations have more than three mobile apps, and most of them are only email and calendar functions.

Is Your IT Department Out of Touch?

More than 50% of all IT leaders only upgrade digital systems if it simplifies employee access to information, and the change doesn’t compromise existing systems. Even though these managers are aware of the issues involved with digital systems, many of them are unable to change them to improve efficiencies.

Don’t Let Legacy Systems Hinder Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Over 90% of employees state that simplifying enterprise apps would lead to increases in productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. As a result of implementing a personalized work experience, managers reduce pain points and bottlenecks that lead to inefficiencies in the current software solution they use.

Companies can spend millions of dollars implementing systems, but if your employees don’t use them, then they’re worthless. Delivering the future of work to your employees with a personalized employee experience will help enterprises provide personalized workflows through simple, purposeful apps.

By delivering a workplace solution that’s easy for your employees to use, you create better levels of employee engagement. Sure, it might take a few weeks or months for everyone to get on board with the new system. However, the increase in workplace efficiency and productivity will eventually start to bear fruit.

Set up feedback loops to let your employees provide you with ideas to improve the efficiency and user-friendly operation of your systems. By adhering to these strategies, your organization will experience success with your digital transformation.

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