Improving the Employee Experience (EX)

Companies that want to take a holistic approach to EX require access to digital tools that continuously capture employee feedback. Fortunately, a new era of software solutions to manage performance and engagement are surfacing for use in business.

In today’s modern workforce, more than 20% of all companies are surveying employees more than once a quarter. Some 14% of companies never issue employee surveys at all. Failing to get regular employee feedback is responsible for many of the challenges facing the workplace.

In 2020, only 24% of all the company’s state that employees have full alignment with company values and business objectives.

Traditionally, organizations worked with the model of putting stakeholders first, customers second, and employees a distant third. However, this model is changing, and more companies are now taking the approach of treating employees as stakeholders.

Companies are making use of digital solutions to help them capitalize on leveraging higher levels of productivity from employees and improve the employee experience. The rise of applications led to an explosion of business productivity.

You Can Find an App for That

Today, there are mobile tools that are ready to assist HR departments design and deliver employees a fantastic experience in the workplace. Here are a few examples of tools every organization should be integrating into their current processes.

Collaboration and Productivity

Digital tools for communications and collaboration between teams go far beyond email or messaging groups. Solutions from companies like Basecamp, Asana, and even the big tech giants like Google and Facebook are making it easier for teams to communicate in the workplace.

Feedback and Engagement

There are dozens of survey tools now available for HR to implement. Replace traditional annual employee surveys with a real-time solution that allows your employees to express their concerns.

Performance Management

Monitor individual employee performance across multiple KPIs in real-time. Predict future trends and identify where teams are falling behind before it becomes problematic.

Employee Well-Being

Happy employees are healthy employees. Use tech solutions to incentivize and monitor your employee’s health.

Employee Service

Easy to use web portals are a must for the modern digital workplace. Integrate employee service solutions such as benefits plans online, with chatbots designed to help employees with finding solutions.

The Central Nature of the Employee Experience

It’s becoming clear that the employee experience is a central business theme in 2020. Management, leadership, learning, communications, mobility, and HR plays a huge role in creating positive employee experience.

Top companies find ways to enrich the employee experience, beyond free food in cafeterias and performance bonuses. Through harnessing the employee experience, and relying on regular employee feedback, organizations can increase employee engagement, leading to higher levels of productivity, and an increase in annual revenues.

An open and collaborative approach to engage all employees in developing the perfect employee experience is a must for all companies wanting to implement a successful digital transformation.

Introducing helpful tech that mimics the user-friendly nature of consumer-facing apps ensures maximum employee engagement. By implementing tech to enhance the employee experience, HR now has the tools they need to optimize the employee experience.

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