Key Areas Organizations need to Deploy Automated Signature Workflows

Where are the most productive departments to implement automated signature workflows in your organization? If you’re a manager looking toward automation to improve your business, then consider these areas for automation.

1. Preparing Contracts Online

Creating contracts on programs like Excel and Word are not only time-consuming, but they’re a pain for HR staff and salespeople. An automated solution can develop workflows that pull relevant data into the contracts automatically.

After creating the contract, the system sends it to all the relevant parties involved and ensures that all parties sign the appropriate documents where requested. After completion, the system sends the forms back to HR, streamlining processes without employees ever lifting a finger.

2. Streamlining Organizations Signing and Approvals Process

Automated contract systems constitute a significant time-saver for HR departments. Instead of manually checking each form to see who signed and who missed a signature field, the system does it for you, saving you more time on your follow-up.

The workflow also sends automatic reminders to anyone who has yet to finish signing. After they do complete the forms, HR gets a notification, allowing them to be timely with moving processes forward.

Automated workflows can help HR identify any areas where contracts might be “stuck,” providing parties with reminders to keep the process moving.

3. Providing a Super-Smooth Customer Signing Experience

When you need a signature to finalize the sale, an eSignature workflow is a must. Employees don’t want to lose a prospect due to manual paperwork processes.
Customers see this function as a waste of time, and they’re likely to turn cold on the deal, moving to your competitor that offers a cleaner customer experience.

Your organization requires a simple solution for legally-binding eSignatures that require next to no effort to execute.

4. Storing Finalized Contracts

After successfully closing a contract, managers need to store them in an accessible system. Finding contracts quickly for reference purposes is a critical function of sales, HR, legal, and finance.

Automated workflows automatically store any finalized contract in a central, accessible location for all team members. Shift them to a Dropbox folder, or on a cloud platform. Employees know where everything is, and a simple search uncovers the documents they’re looking for in the system.

In Closing – Set Up Your Sales Team for Signing Success

The reality is that its signatures, not handshakes, that close deals. The handshake is merely a formality and a gentlemen’s agreement between parties. However, in today’s modern economy, handshakes mean nothing until everyone signs the sales contract

Don’t let your organization rely on inefficient and ineffective workflows that cost your sales team deals. Wasting time and resources on manual processes could result in your customer walking away.

Get your sales team rolling with digital eSignature workflows that save your time and money while improving your sales team’s closing rate. Deploying these automated workflows helps sales teams maximize every opportunity they get.

As a result, the organization benefits from enhanced employee and customer engagement, leading to bigger annual revenues and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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