Microapp Development and Business Process Automation in Citrix Worksapce | Citrix Virtual Hackathon with A2K Partners

Citrix host SeanDo catches up with Alex Zaal of A2K Partners to discuss business process automation and Microapps and Citrix Workspace. Alex shares his success building Microapps during the Citrix Virtual Hackathon and the overall #CitrixHackathon​ experience. Alex also tells SeanDo what A2K’s customers are doing with Workspace and some top use cases.

Witness a real-world case study about a customer who reduced employee distractions and shaved almost 5 weeks off an approval process time with Citrix Workspace Intelligence and Citrix Microapps!

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Hey everybody, it’s Sean DO. And you may have noticed I’m not on the go. I’m working from home like many of you, but I still want to touch base with a lot of my friends who are attending the Citrix virtual hackathon.

Hashtag Citrix hackathon. Today we’re going to talk to Alex Zaal. He’s the CTO and co founder of eight UK partners. So let’s see what they are doing with micro apps in the integration with Citrix workspace. Alright, Alex, thank you for joining me today to discuss hashtag Citrix hackathon, hashtag Citrix hackathon. And your experience with it. How are you doing during this new normal that we have going on?

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Oh, it’s interesting times for sure. But you know, we couldn’t be in a better technology from a workforce being remote today. So we’re actually scrambling to adjust and to help our customers as best we can.

And speaking of scrambling, Alex, are you one of the many like myself who are stress eating your way through this quarantine period? I’m getting the pounder to we just had a turkey dinner like two days ago. So we’re actually having some pretty good holiday eating going on while we’re at home.

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Alright, Alex, you are attending the Citrix virtual hackathon though? How’s that Citrix virtual hackathon experience for you?

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It’s been really well done. I gotta say, I mean, we’ve really enjoyed the video content. And our team is kind of driving to get our solution done. And we’ve been kind of working pretty hard at it.

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Let’s talk about your perspective. First, on the micro app landscape. How do you how do you see it in its potential,

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I mean, it used to be that we had a computer we had a word processor, and and potentially connected to some system, and that was our life.

And we could be very effective at it. But now we’ve got distractions coming from so many different areas that the ability to consolidate all of that into a single pane of glass to us is just golden. And that’s kind of where we seem to focus. We’ve got some solutions around call centers, inbound and outbound.

What we’ve done is we’ve taken everything outside of the main world that a call center person lives in either the CRM or their call center, software, and consolidated all of that. So all those distractions that come in are coming in through Citrix can be managed through Citrix and can be executed through surgeries.

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What do you think the number one use case is? You mentioned call centers. But is there something else that you say this is gonna really hit with micro apps in Citrix workspace,

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I think there’s opportunity, pretty much in any vertical where the level of distractions is driving away productivity. I mean, one of the one of the customers that we had before coming on here was a manufacturing company that had a requisition approval process. So 80% of their orders came in through that requisition approval process and work just fine.

But then they had a non standard approval process for any requisitions that weren’t in their catalog. And that took them across, I believe it was three to five systems of record to get that approved. And it was a six week process. By putting Citrix in place it reduced it down to a week and a half to get it off, non standard approval done. And there’s hard money that’s associated to delaying manufacturing orders, where suddenly you’re buying them at a premium rather than buying them with a long lag time that lets you buy them at a normal price.

So that was actually one of the most successful implementations that we’ve done. And it’s one of those areas that you can actually really truly show. What does an hour a day save you?

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re watching this, I think you’re witnessing the birth of a case study. It’s a very rare experience in the wild like this. But that does sound like a great case study that we should write it

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is an absolutely wonderful case study. Actually,

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if people want to find more information about at UK partners, where are they going to look

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at UK partners comm we’ve got all kinds of white papers, blogs, we’re continually pulling research about productivity and the worker experience.

So Okay, thanks, Alex. Perfect, perfect. Shawn, thank you so much. Have a wonderful day. And thank you everybody for coming in and watching. Bye bye.

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