Understanding the Digital Workplace Experience

Implementing tech solutions in the workplace often results in a disjointed employee experience that results in plenty of frustration with the new systems. Employers need to take the initiative to go well beyond the use of portals, to build an employee engagement platform that moves seamlessly between all departments, increasing productivity and employee engagement.

Today, we all get an out-of-this-world consumer experience whenever we use a consumer app to order a meal or hail a ride. Employees are now expecting this same level of simplicity and convenience in their work experience as well.

The Truth

However, it seems that organizations never got the memo about creating useful digital systems. Instead, most company’s digital processes do nothing but adding more workload to an already stressed employee base.

Some employees resist change, and when they come face-to-face with a digital system they don’t understand, it’s enough to make them quit the company. It’s not only tech—inexperience that’s driving this trend.

Top talent will walk out the door if they feel the employee experience is hindering their performance of career opportunities. Today’s workplace solutions need to offer employees the same level of user-friendly navigation and operation as consumer-grade apps.

Why Does Employee Experience Matter?

In today’s modern workplace, employees expect a platform that makes it easy to engage with colleagues and process workflows. Digital workplace solutions that don’t measure up to the standards expected by employees cause nothing but frustration across all departments.

As a result, your company develops a negative image overall, reducing your chances of attracting top talent. However, attracting talent is only one half of this issue. Retaining your top people becomes challenging when they don’t get any value from the employee experience.

As a result, employee engagement takes a nosedive, and the seeds of unrest begin to sprout in your organization. Eventually, your top people will walk out the door, straight to your competition.

Positive Employee Experiences Make the Difference

Organizations that feature in the top quarter of companies offering the best employee experience are doing well. Results from a successful digital transformation are paying dividends for the best companies.

Companies find that improves employee experiences led to a 12% increase in customer satisfaction over other organizations, as well as the 3-year revenue growth rate being 2.3 times more than previous samples.

Any company can make the change necessary to create a positive employee experience.

However, the process needs to be a collaborative effort between HR, management, and employees. Employees provide the guidance engineers need when designing the system. With the right employee feedback, companies can develop and implement a digital workplace solution that employees want to use.

When employees feel they have a say in developing the employee experience, they respond with higher levels of engagement, and improved trust in the organization.

Those companies that succeed in the coming decade are those that take feedback and ideas from workers when shaping the employee experience.

With the right workflows and tools in place, employees can reach levels of productivity management thought wasn’t possible. However, it takes a collaborative effort between all departments in the company to experience success with the digital transformation.

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