Video Interview: Citrix Workspace and Microapps

Sean Donahue from Citrix hosts “Between The Clouds” with A2K Partners’ CEO, Ray Wolf. Ray also discusses his experience speaking at past Citrix Converge events, plans for upcoming events and a list of microapps his team has delivered as the clear leader in the Citrix Ready Marketplace. Citrix Converge is a gathering of like-minded technology folks, mixed with an immersive hands-on practicum.


Sean Donahue 0:00
Curious about micro apps but are afraid to ask tune in where people meet tech and tech meets people. Between the clouds Hello, ride Welcome everybody. We have the f1 lead driver as far as Citrix partners is concerned. We’ve got Ray Wolff, CEO of eight UK partners joining us today, Ray, welcome.

Ray Wolf 0:27
Thank you, Sean. Wow, what an introduction, I’m going to borrow that for future discussions.

Sean Donahue 0:32
I’m looking at this Citrix ready marketplace. And at UK has four micro apps already published previously,

Ray Wolf 0:39
where we’d wait for a customer engagement to come up with a micro app that we would submit to the marketplace. Now when we get a really good idea. We’re like, let’s go build a micro app, right? And then we can highlight that and get people excited about using the intelligent portion of workspace. So yes, we have four published, I will tell you, we also have four that are in the process of being approved.

Sean Donahue 1:03
It’s almost like asking you to pick your favorite child, which everybody says they don’t have one. They love them all equally. We all know we have a favorite child. But what if you had to choose from your eight micro apps? What ones would you choose to highlight,

Ray Wolf 1:18
I will tell you the one that is in the works right now. That is a connection with solonius, which is a system of record. And this works behind the scenes, the surface critical actions and tasks, to speed up processes that have financial impact. It’s about getting actionable insights into your workspace feed. So that with one click, you could hit it and actually have an impact financially to your company. The other one that I think people really need to focus on for micro apps is the cross system of record, micro apps. And a favorite of ours is Salesforce integrated with ServiceNow. information that you need to enter into one system typically needs to get entered into the other. With micro apps, you’re going to enter once everything is updated behind the scenes. And it really streamlines it. Ray, I

Sean Donahue 2:16
want to switch gears just a little bit here and talk about this thing. Citrix converge you obviously have participated in it in the past. And how was that experience? If we have people out there thinking of attending converge? As a converge veteran? How would you describe that?

Ray Wolf 2:36
Well, I think converge, there’s a couple of things that come to mind. One, you have a bunch of people that are using technology in different ways. So while you know even a 2k we think, Hey, we got some great ideas, we run into people that are doing totally different things. And it opens up new thinking for us. So go just to get exposed to people, the new thinking they have and what they’re doing. The second. I mean, these are people that are going to show you how they’re it’s not just tell you to go do it. It’s how do you do it. It’s a broad audience from people that are trying to deliver business value to those that are sitting in actually configuring the microphones.

Sean Donahue 3:15
It really is a hands on intensive experience with Yes,

Ray Wolf 3:18
and I’ll tell you, Shawn, we have three presentations set up pretty exciting one deep technical, where we’re talking about push API web listening integration. So our CTO will be coming through that. And then our CEO will be talking about how to accelerate your sales ecosystem with workspace micro apps. And then I’m taking a little bit more of a business twist. Since the pandemic started back March 2020, we have been consulting with just about 200 customers, I’m going to share the secrets of what they’ve done stealthily behind the scenes to transform their customer and employee experience.

Sean Donahue 4:01
We’ve got a listener out there in ski Hawk in Minnesota. And they’re wondering how they learn more about Ray Wolff at UK partners, the existing micro apps, the whole nine yards, where are we pointing them to

Ray Wolf 4:15
a to K One of the things we’re very partner friendly, if you’re coming up against something where you’re just interested or you have a technical challenge, we want to help you through that because the bigger and faster this ecosystem grows, the better for all of us.

Sean Donahue 4:32
In closing, I’m going to come at you from left field with a random question of the day. And I want you to go back to Ray wolf in middle school. What did that Ray wolf want to be?

Ray Wolf 4:47
When that Ray wolf was already thinking about an engineering career? I started out building military and commercial jet engines. And I will tell you the process automation I learned in aerospace Largely is the foundation of what we’re bringing to workspace with intelligence.

Sean Donahue 5:04
Most kids are sitting there Saturday morning watching cartoons, Ray wall is building jet engines that is amazing. But for those of you listening in, make sure you register for the next converge and get into those 8k sessions. Until next time, bye bye

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