Video Interview: Secure Employee Onboarding and Assured Offboarding With CEO Ray Wolf and Sean Donahue from Citirx

Sean Donahue from Citrix interviews Ray Wolf, CEO, A2K Partners about how organizations can automate and accelerate employee onboarding, role changes and assure workers are offboarded securely.


All right, welcome back everybody. I’m your host Sean do and joining me. Today is Ray wolf. Thank you Sean. This is this is real that coming home. Again Ray. I want to talk to you today because we’re in the midst of another Citrix converge. And for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with that that is a conference unique to just developers creating micro apps around the Citrix workspace.

Space we had the pleasure of being one of the host this year and we had a session Brown a sales enablement use case. If you’re catching this in replay was November 12 at 9:00 9:30. It’s on YouTube and you can get to the Citrix converge page and follow it from there, but it was such an interesting use case about automating the entire lifecycle of a sales team we’ve been involved in.

Workspace with intelligence for some time and not only are we building and we have developers creating Integrations and overcoming API challenges, but we’re out there selling. Yeah, and so, you know, we’re listening really hard about what people are most interested winter. They want to get started and it would be no surprise that anything associated with revenue and growth and finance, you know gets the first shot. So we’re right now working with

Three separate companies on automating their outbound call center where they’re scaling and they’re looking to get some efficiency and better use out of the technology Investments that they one of the most fascinating things that was mentioned in that session. It’s called assured off-boarding talking with prospects. The one common thing that would come up on every call was I’m worried that after my short-term contract or my employee leaves the company that they still have access to.

We’ve now coined this term short off-boarding where with as you know with workspace is one click their exited from all the systems were able to show that needle compliance requirement. So it is moving sails along its people are excited about that and the place that it’s opening up new opportunities for us is really what the new variable Workforce or liquid Workforce where they’re bringing in Freelancers and contractors to supplement their full-time. W.

You to team statistically, you know 60% of the malicious things that happen are from internal or individuals who recently left the company something. I mean, it’s a real threat Citrix workspace with intelligence has this old built-in it provides secure access to the applications files and data that you need you are as secure as is if you were sitting in a building on VPN now if you’re sitting at the beach or you’re sitting

Your apartment in a city. I on your own personal laptop the second piece to it is

going Beyond just giving you access like giving people six systems to be in even though it’s One login right there. Like how about it and then I’m a new sales rep and I’m like, okay. Well, how do you like me to do a lead convert for the telephony system if it’s you know, Amazon connect, for example, it’s like okay, we do I push the Amazon button to call or do I go into the CRM but to call

So automating those things that people do most frequently just really lowers the time to proficiency by one-third and then we’re seeing you know, Downstream benefits up to 20 percent increase in productivity over 12 week period Gathering some data. It’s like every 1% increase in productivity or the individual is equating 1212 an increase in Revenue. So 1% growth

Tivity equals 1 percent Revenue boost for that individual as well amazing, amazing accomplishments and hats off to you guys for doing that. We’re really energized by what’s coming back from the custom. I wanted to pick your brain. What do you think the future of micro apps in these micro app Integrations is we’re figuring out how to make these apis and the automation platform dance. We’re figuring out how to do things with it around automation.

That are increasing productivity that other people weren’t even thinking about it’s a system level thinking we are starting to offer straight work across multiple applications right take any complex system that’s out there things have to work together, right? But here we are is employers and workers. We stick them in an opportunity with a title. We just give them the tools and we say have at it. We’re seeing that a visceral response to that and saying we want a system level orchestration.

And the technology is getting better. We’re really at no load and low code for just business productivity Now using workspace. Yeah, but in the video that we put out there though indication. It was some things on there that are really cool round deep links child apis different ways of handling email email sounds simple but emails prolific and there’s different ways you need to use that and then some conditional logic

The drive service action, so, you know we reveal our learnings on those four in the video. So yeah folks need to be checking that out. And of course, you can catch a wolf and a 2K Partners at Citrix converge, and you can catch those videos on the Citrix developer YouTube channel as well as developer dot All right, everybody that’s going to wrap it up. We’ll catch you next time. Bye. Bye.


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