Why Employee Service Delivery is Vital for Business Success

Is your company wasting thousands of hours each year handling employee requests? Issues like payroll problems, ordering a new laptop, or onboarding your new hires requires efficient communication between departments.

However, in most cases, these simple tasks end up sapping the time and productivity of your employees. Inefficiencies slowly erode staff morale, but you can remove this problem by automating many of these business functions.

Employee Service Delivery – The Facts

Employees require support in the workplace. As many as 40% states that it’s challenging to resolve issues on company policies, hardware problems, or find answers on employee benefits.

Only around a third of all employees state that the company has automated processes in place that handle these queries and enhance the employee experience.

A staggering 55% of employees think that the company they work for is unresponsive to their needs, and they feel the organization doesn’t value their opinion.

Companies succeeding in 2020 and beyond, are those focusing on improving the employee experience, as much as the customer experience. Creating a better employee experience results in your company developing a strategic advantage over your competitors.

When your company offers an outstanding employee experience, you’ll attract the best talent in the industry, and retain key people in your organization.

Limit Friction

Create a positive customer experience by improving your employee service delivery. However, executing your strategy is more challenging than you think, especially as the company scales.

oor employee service delivery during the onboarding process could cause new staff to leave within a few months of starting the position.

Similarly, sub-standard employee service delivery later in the employee’s career also leads to decreased levels of employee satisfaction, resulting in your talent, leaving you for the competition.

Here’s something to think about; nearly 45% of all new employees apply to other companies after having a bad day at work.

Exiting your employees from the company can also be problematic in the offboarding process. Less than half of all employees state they had a pleasant experience when leaving the company. Most employees say that they would not recommend their former firm as a positive place of employment for friends or family.

Implementing an automated system to handle all of your employee service delivery issues will revolutionize your company, enhancing the employee experience.

The Best Employee Service Delivery is Effortless

Employees are consumers, and they already get a seamless customer experience in their personal lives. Therefore, they also expect this same positive experience from employers as well. Successful employee service delivery platforms need to meet a few vital criteria.

  • Intelligence – Anticipate employee needs by providing relevant assistance during crucial moments.
  • Consistency – Provide a predictable and consistent experience across all automated platforms.
  • Omni-channel – Meet employee collaboration needs through flexible automated tools.
  • User-friendly – Keep it simple silly. Make your employee service delivery system easy to navigate and use.

In essence, your employee service delivery platform needs to be effortless for your employees and management teams to use. When things go wrong in the workplace, employees need solutions immediately.

When they go to make a request, they need someone to respond to their situation with haste, limiting any impact it might have on resources within the company.

As we move into the next decade of the digital era, employees will start to expect immediate responses to requests. Booking the conference room, or speaking to HR about benefits requires intelligent, prompt responses.

If you don’t have the platform and tools to handle these queries efficiently and timeously, your employees might leave you for a competitor that does. Bring your digital transformation into 2020 by creating an employee service delivery strategy that streamlines your employee experience.

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