Workforce & Operations Strategies Leadership Forum With A2K Partners and Okta: HR, IT & Security Operations

“Keeping Employees & Workforce Secure & Productive in a Dynamic Office + Online Environment”

Why Should You Attend

The single biggest indicator of business success today? Business Process Optimization by leveraging AI-Driven Process Automation.  This session is for Management Team members who are involved in Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain and Information Technology Roles within core business functions.


Workforce & Operations Strategies: HR, IT & Security Operations Leadership Forum Wednesday, October 28, 2020 – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CT (Central Time Zone)

Keynote Presenters

Join us at this insightful & Leadership Roundtable for a dynamic discussion among industry HR, IT, Security & Operations Leaders seeking to drive better business outcomes by leveraging the pandemic by developing growth strategies and programs that attract, retain and grow their customers, partners, employees & workforce experience.

  • Uncover what the “winners” did to come out on top over the last 7 downturns since the great depression
  • Find out how leading companies are tapping into lessons from the past to immediately rebalance and recoup from unexpected headcount, cost reductions and revenue loss

You Are Invited!
Share, Learn and Discover the latest and most effective options to accelerate growth through next generation secure and productive flexible work models and digital technologies to thrive.

  • Drive innovation by shifting >20% of your workforce time and energy towards strategic work and accelerating revenue, growth and building great customer experiences (in just a few weeks)
  • Simplify your operations with orchestrated and automated on-boarding, cross-boarding and off-boarding of your entire workforce
  • Minimize your executive leadership’s risk and exposure from the cyber surface and mitigate the risk of breaches due to identity compromise through a “Zero Trust” security model for any device in any location.
  • Simplify accessibility by making it frictionless for your workforce to access apps from any device, network or location and reduce costs by retiring your expensive on-premise infrastructure while centralizing and maintaining control

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