Workplace Tools Shaping the Gen Z Employee Experience

Gen Z is the age group following the millennial generation. According to research, Gen Z workers will soon comprise the biggest group in the US workforce. Gen Zs are the first generation to experience life with mobile and internet technology from birth.

Research shows that Gen Zs are searching for a balanced experience with technology in the workplace. Training tools and on-the-job feedback have promise in addressing the needs of this demographic.

By 2030, Gen Zs will account for 30% of the US workforce. It’s also crucial for managers to note that Gen Zs have different skills, expectations, and aspirations than millennials.

As Gen Zs start to take over the workforce, managers need to ask what tech matters most to this digitally native generation? With tech like machine learning and AI revolutionizing the nature of work, what digital tools will benefit Gen Zs, and get them to perform at work?

Here are a few essential strategies for maintaining and growing your Gen Z staff members through a positive employee experience.

Create Continuous Feedback Systems

Gen Zs appreciate feedback on the job, as does any other generation before them. However, Gen Zs aren’t looking for the traditional “pat on the back and good job.” More than 57% of all Gen Zs state that they want to receive feedback from management at least a few times a week.

Gen Zs want to move fast, and if employers fail to give them the recognition they deserve, they’ll start looking for companies that do.

Use Digital Onboarding Strategies

Gen Zs don’t wait for months to pass on the job before they evaluate the company and its potential for offering them a career. Gen Zs are looking at the organization’s employee experience from the moment they review the offer letter.

Only 12% of Gen Zs state that companies have an efficient and informative onboarding process. If managers want to attract the best talent, then they need a dedicated onboarding process that ties together all departments in the company.

Gen Zs don’t want to move between departments to get IT support or fill out forms. They demand a holistic onboarding procedure that brings together everything they need in one platform.

Use VR for Soft-Skills Training

More than 30% of all Gen Zs expect organizations to introduce virtual reality technology into the workplace within the next 5-years.

VR has many benefits for employees, starting with the onboarding process. VR offers a hands-on and tactile learning platform that helps them retain knowledge more than traditional systems.

Companies in the energy and healthcare sectors already make use of VR to teach employees complex processes and safety procedures, showing promise for soft-skills training.

Benefit from an Employee Wellness Platform

Gen Zs continue with millennials’ demands to make the workplace a healthy employee experience. More than 75% of Gen Zs say that they had to leave a job due to mental health reasons incurred by the stress they receive at their position.

Despite being the youngest generation in the workforce, more than half of all Gen Zs report they experienced burnout at a previous job. Corporate wellness initiatives lower stress while enhancing employee focus.

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