A2K Partners Teams with Citrix® to Keep Businesses Operating Through the Coronavirus Disruption with Emergency Remote Workforce Solutions


Austin, Texas, United States – March 19, 2020

Companies to provide immediate business stabilization to Enterprise, Commercial, and SMB businesses forced into unforeseen remote workplace and work from home situations. Ensures any worker can access “in-office” business critical process and technology securely at home during the temporary Coronavirus pandemic and mitigates risks of potential future crisis impact.

A2K Partners announced new solutions — powered by Citrix® Workspace technology — to deliver “Suddenly Remote” business continuity services to companies who have been forced into fulfilling overnight remote workforce demands. The results allow companies to keep their workforce striving and thriving together, no matter where they are located, who they work for, and how they prefer to work.

The solutions are specifically designed for immediate deployment, and high ease of use by distributed people — employees, contractors and temporary staff — who are not equipped or accustomed to working remotely. The all in one capability overcomes traditional hardware, connectivity and remote security issues. All work can be done on an individual’s personal smartphone device or tablet efficiently if a traditional laptop or desktop is not available to them. Home user software is up and running in minutes through an app store or web browser clickable link download. Licenses are flexible and can be turned off or renewed — from three months to three years — to fit a business need. The solution further allows companies to automate their mission-critical business processes so that users can get important work done in a more proactive way in the same place — all at the push of a single button.

“Businesses are dealing with a devastating problem right now. They’re either paralyzed or scrambling to figure things out — taking every measure possible to just keep things moving and avoid loss. The demand for a solution to get through this crisis is unprecedented.” said Ray Wolf, CEO at A2K Partners. “We want to see safe and healthy people and businesses. Our solutions will immediately address business-critical impact and undoubtably get workers feeling better about things. The innovative Citrix technology our solutions rely on enable businesses to trust and feel confident that their people will have what they need to keep working. It’s also easy to use, no matter where people are or what device they are using. It demonstrates a rock-solid capability that is safe and secure, bringing peace of mind to address problems right now and continue preventing disruption in the future.”

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Companies across the globe are now acknowledging the possibility that all or part of their workforce may need to work remotely for an extended period — possibly permanently. Many are now facing an unplanned need to establish a remote workforce. Recent studies reveal that less than one-third of business leaders feel their organization is well prepared and ready for the rise in remote work. A survey conducted by Owl Labs across top industries revealed that before the recent health events taking place, 38% of remote workers received no training on how to work remotely. The survey further showed that 55% of remote workers would be likely to look for another job if they were no longer allowed to work remotely.

Scott Swanburg, Senior Director of Citrix Americas CSP said “Citrix has a long history of providing business continuity solutions. It is a cornerstone of our technology and has been for decades. Most recently, companies have been looking for Work from Home solutions to keep their businesses operational through our partner program for Service Providers. A2K, a Citrix Service Provider partner, has rapidly deployed solutions, utilizing Citrix technology, to get companies of all sizes through this crisis and help people who find themselves working from home for the first time be more productive. Ray Wolf and his team are leading the way to put services in use rapidly, based on Citrix technology. This allows practical ways to keep employees focused on critical business needs. These same solutions continue to boost productivity even when there is no ongoing threat from the current situation.”

“We congratulate our strategic partner Citrix Systems on leading the way to fuel business continuity, especially in tumultuous times. It demonstrates the innovation and flexibility their products provide to take the employee experience and workplace into the future.” added Wolf. “Our long-term experience with remote worker, employee experience and digital workflow automation solutions positions us as a go-to leader. That includes helping leadership assess what needs to be done — any business processes that must be changed or created to make remote work as productive as in-office work was before — along with the technology that needs to support it. No time is too late. We will not only stabilize the immediate work disruption, but over time, shift organizations from reactive to proactive and quickly eliminate more of the low-value work they do day to day so they can refocus more on growth-driven work that matters to the business bottom line. We are all about helping employees get more work done and feel better about their everyday work life so companies can be more productive and thrive”

A2K Partners can assess business needs and put together a proactive strategic game plan in one day to stabilize and grow with the changing times. Click here to schedule an assessment on their website now.

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