Citrix Hackathon Awards Interview with Alex Zaal CTO of A2K Partners

Check out this interview with Sonny Chhen of Citrix and A2K Partners CTO Alex Zaal discussing our product innovation award winning multi-application integration for sales and call center representatives using Citrix Workspace Microapps.

The automation includes Citrix Microapp integrations with Citrix ShareFile, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack and Amazon Connect.

This package allows a sales or call center representative to do their entire job from any location on any device using the intelligent features of microapps in Citrix Workspace.

A2K Partners can also build in-product microapp integrations on the Citrix Workpace platform for Independent Software Vendors.


Citrix Virtual Hackathon Microapp Product Innovation and Development Winner Interview – A2K Partners

Unknown Speaker 0:11
Hey, everybody, I am here with our microapp product expert, Alex Zaal from A2K and Alexander, if you have not seen their submission, please go to our developer usage.

This thing is jam packed with a bunch of different features. So with that in mind, guys, how did you even come about your idea for submission here?

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Yeah, so basically, we try to do all of our projects is personas more so than just specific use cases for system of record. So we had a persona of an outbound sales rep.

And basically, we wanted to pull together as many technologies as we could to make that outbound sales reps life easier, and allow them to take action on on items that come up as they come up, rather than having to go dig around three or four different systems.

Unknown Speaker 1:03
So that was one of the biggest admission that really caught me the amount of testing that you guys tapped into your submission was amazing. You had to sell for service, our hands on connected to telephony. And, of course, my personal PayPal coopertition ShareFile.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
How did we get all of those services running and get everything to work for your submission?

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Pretty much up until we did the video, to the very last day of the submission. So yeah, we were kind of scrambling to get everything put together, we had to get the systems of record kind of configured and set up.

So fundamental work. And I have to say, Alex was just massively stressed and working major hours to get this done and do a great job.

Unknown Speaker 1:48
Alex, can you confirm this?

Unknown Speaker 1:50
Yeah, yeah, kind of on the left stretch, it was kind of a little bit. There was a little bit of pressure, but it went. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
I wonder, how did that come into play with your submission? Yeah. No one thought was kind of necessity in this case, because we needed to kind of aggregate multiple poses. It was something that should be the calls for actual ShareFile. Support.

No. So we had to kind of like a consolidation of different different microapp path calls for notifications and, and tables that we ended up using on Citrix on the AWS.

And it went nicely. And it was really wasn’t that difficult to do, but it was, it was, really, I think it fits really well with what we wanted to do with this system. So

Unknown Speaker 3:05
I gotta tell you, I looked at a lot of submissions, and they’re adding another one. Wow. That’s impressive.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Yeah, you know, I gotta say that you guys were very instrumental in exposing some of these really interesting capabilities that the builder has that we weren’t even aware of it. And, you know, didn’t have Alex called me up, go, Oh, this is great. I’ve got some great ideas here.

They showed me how this works. And it’s really, really cool. To see that excitement made me very, very happy. And so we’ve actually gone back and we’re actually kind of applying a lot of this knowledge into our other integrations for our customers.

Unknown Speaker 3:44
Let me ask you, how did you feel about that?

Unknown Speaker 3:47
I loved it. I had a lot of questions before the virtual hackathon, a lot of things, I was kind of having some some problems.

And it opened up a whole new possibilities. And things that I wasn’t used to before. It was really, really useful. I don’t think I could have done that what we did without the virtual hackathon.

Unknown Speaker 4:14
To start capabilities forward. I mean, I will say that my target are able to take this back to our other developers. And, you know, just the general level of knowledge that we have now is so far from the level of knowledge that we had at the first hackathon. It’s outstanding.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
How do you feel my craftsmanship, the future of work and being the product innovation whenever changing and innovating innovating other products?

Unknown Speaker 4:38
Yeah, so I think our core messaging stays has stayed pretty consistent since day one of this product. Basically, it allows the consolidation of those distractions into a single actionable and single pane of glass.

In like in my career, As an executive, I get these oddball requests constantly that make me go into systems that I haven’t been in, you know, three months or four months, and I got to go figure out how to approve someone’s raise, or basically get more money into their pockets or, you know, from a sales perspective, deal rages those are, those are really big, big items that you want taken care of immediately.

So we were just kind of looking at those areas that a any persona, what makes them tick and what generates revenue? And how can we make that cycle to the time to revenue shorter, and make it more valuable to the persona?

Unknown Speaker 5:38
Alright, there you go. That is our product innovation winners. I want to thank Alex and Alexander for speaking to us here. And if we wanted to go ahead and get some more contact information, or 18k, where can we look

Unknown Speaker 5:50
at pay Just head over there at the number two Ks and Kappa partners comm we’d love to have you guys come visit our site and see if you want to reach out to myself or any anybody on our team, you can definitely get to us from that site.

Unknown Speaker 6:06
Perfect. All right. Well, once again, congratulations. Thank you for your time, and we got announcements, we are looking to have another converge. Sometime in the fall. You guys will be defending your title and trying to go for a second wind.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
I’m bringing a bigger team. That will be heading out but yeah, we need more developers so we can get more done before the submission.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
Well, I think line in the same way your products innovate and would come up with a champion.

Unknown Speaker 6:36
Open with us.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
Awesome. Thanks, guys. See you later. All right. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 6:41
guys. Take care.

Unknown Speaker 6:42
Bye bye.

Citrix Virtual Hackathon Microapp Citrix Workspace Development Product Innovation Winner – A2K Partners

Unknown Speaker 0:01
Hi, this is Alex Zaal and Alexander Jim kheda. from eight UK partners here to do our demo of our hackathon submission, we’re basically have created an outbound sales solution that is going to allow us to execute leads a sign of the partners update, and set up call notes, convert the leads, approved partner deal registrations, monitor sales channel channels, and send marketing materials to a lead, which is one of the areas of focus for our hackathon.

Also we can do outbound calling. So with our implementation, what we’ve done is we’ve integrated to Salesforce, so that we can manage leads we’ve integrated to ServiceNow with a microapp integration, so that we can manage deal registrations to Amazon Connect microapp integration is our telephony solution so that we can make outbound calls, and to share file so that we can manage files that we’re sending and slack so that we can monitor some of the sales channels and get notifications from that. When you use slack microapp integration.

A lot of times it’s very difficult to keep tabs on all the channels that you want to keep an eye on. And so this one takes those those key channels that the outbound sales microapp integration person should be monitoring and send them notifications, they can be reminded, or they can do a thumbs up if they want to on the message that pops up, and it sends it over to slack for them.

The other thing we can do is we can see that I’ve got a deal registration that’s overdue, I can make a call directly through my telephony system. I can also take a look at the leads that are coming in and have several options to call the lead, convert the lead, etc. So like if I clicked on call lead, it would go to the Amazon Connect integration and dial in my phone. So that would be our telephony microapp integration calling me to let me know that I am ready to connect with them.

From the actions page, what we can see here is all the integrations we’ve got the Amazon Connect outbound caller, where you can actually plug a number in and dial it in place an outbound call, we’ve set up the Salesforce integration that comes with workspace with intelligence.

And there we have the ability to go into leads, see a list of leads, view details. And from there, I can go to our ShareFile microapp integration to send a white paper. And what that does is it brings in the email address of that lead, and allows me to select as many files as I would like to send them so I can send them the workforce experience, I can also sell send the Harvard Business Review.

And when I share this link, it’s basically going to set up ShareFile to send a share to norm so that he can take a look at these documents. Another thing that we did with which is kind of cool using the logic capabilities of workspace, the microbe builder is we’ve got these conditional changes that if I was to send it to an employee, I can pull in my employee list, or I can send it to clients and it pulls in my ShareFile clients that I can start sending documents to so I can use this ShareFile integration independent of the integration between Salesforce microapp integration and ShareFile.

The other thing we have is on the slack side of the fence, we’re able to post to a channel, I can pick any of my my slack channels and type whatever message I need to, and it will send it over there. Also, I can keep an eye on everything that’s going on with the different channels that I’m monitoring through slack. With that, I’d like to show you some of the back office items specific around ShareFile.

So with ShareFile, what we’ve done is we’ve created this component logic that allows us to make these items appear disappear based on what’s going on with the page that we’re that we’re working with. So very cool stuff that depending on how this is said sent to employee etc, it will rearrange and hide all of these dropdowns.

So this allows us to have some pretty rich functionality with ShareFile. Another design decision that we had to make specific around ShareFile was the use of lambda functions. So with these lambda functions, what we’ve done is it allows us to consolidate chained API calls into outputs that are consumable by the workspace.

We also did this to combine multiple sources from ShareFile into one output to be consumed by workspace with intelligence. And then, on these functions, the security has been configured as a pass through so it’s entirely controlled from workspace to ShareFile.

Unknown Speaker 4:59
Passing through land For the conversion. And with that, we’d like to thank you for your time on this. We’ve been very excited about this entire week with the hackathon and we appreciate you guys reviewing what we built. Thank you so much.

A2K Partners