Secure Talent Cloud from A2K Partners Supercharges Human Capital Strategy and Digital Workforce Skills


Austin, Texas, United States – April 13, 2021

Future-forward talent solution answers market demand for digital upskilling and reskilling through a “secure-first” technology-enabled variable workforce solution, delivered on-demand to drive business responsiveness and meet growth acceleration imperatives.

Unprecedented times have catapulted companies, their leadership, and their HR departments into tackling extraordinary amounts of change across their human capital strategy. For those that have embraced warp-speed digital acceleration and the idea that “work is a thing you do, not a place you go”, new and exciting possibilities have emerged that never existed before and, for them, the future looks bright. Unprecedented times have catapulted companies, their leadership, and their HR departments into tackling extraordinary amounts of change across their human capital strategy. For those that have embraced warp-speed digital acceleration and the idea that “work is a thing you do, not a place you go”, new and exciting possibilities have emerged that never existed before and, for them, the future looks bright.

But, for many organizations, accelerated levels of digital transformation have not come easy, especially when it comes to new digital skills required to adapt and evolve in today’s markets. Companies are being forced to take a critical look at whether their current talent strategy and level of digital fluency across every role is up to snuff with the ever-changing demands of the market. Can they scale talent up and down as they need? Is their model flexible and agile enough to meet the ebbs and flows of the modern workforce? Do they have the skills they need when they need them? If not, can they create skill development solutions fast enough to compete? Are they able to bring on talent safely and securely, regardless of where they are located?

Being able to answer these questions with clarity, confidence and delivering future-proof talent solutions will separate those who will win from those who will continue to struggle in a world where change remains constant.

A2K Partners believes that the ability to win in the future should not be limited to a few but rather open to all those willing to embrace change and the excitement of possibilities.

Therefore, with its new Secure Talent Cloud offering, A2K Partners is making it easy for companies to transition to more modern talent solutions and achieve new levels of performance and scale, previously unattainable to most organizations without investing in major work redesign efforts.

Built from the ground up, Secure Talent Cloud addresses critical obstacles that have traditionally prevented companies from expanding freelance and temporary worker usage in their business by bundling in-demand talent with highly secure “work from anywhere” digital workspace technology. It features corporate-grade “zero-trust” security already built-in at the core, bringing privacy and peace of mind to companies with even the strictest InfoSec policies.



Considered an “Experience as a Service”, the turnkey solution ensures all customer and company information stays isolated and safe with best-in-class identity, encryption, and security for everything work. Typical concerns about risk — like downloading, taking screenshots, or capturing data — are safeguarded or restricted.

Ready to hit the ground running, this next-gen contingent workforce solution addresses and pre-solves large portions of the work redesign effort for companies as part of the service. All talent comes automatically equipped with the secure access to applications, content, and files companies will need them to have on day one — in ways that best integrate and collaborate with a company’s environment and teams. Ongoing, they can quickly and easily scale the amount of skill and people clients need up or down — in an elastic manner — to support changing organizational needs. As a result, companies can maintain business continuity with more flexibility to achieve business outcomes.

“The ways companies have been relying on to address their skills gaps were already years behind pre-pandemic. Our solution allows them to stop playing digital catch-up and, instead, leap ahead in their market through the ability to bring creative and innovative talent into their organization to start delivering full transformative potential in a matter of days. The best and most important part is having peace of mind around everything security.” said Ray Wolf, CEO of A2K Partners “In today’s environments, the best variable workforce models begin and end with security, while delivering productivity enhancements every step in-between. The Secure Talent Cloud is designed from the organization’s perspective and their needs outward to do just that.”

STC further alleviates other critical functions companies struggle with when it comes to securely staffing their workforce. HR new-hire onboarding, computer and mobile device provisioning with access to IT systems, asset management, and assuring offboarding processes are completed at the end of the staff engagement. Everything is done virtually and automated to eliminate friction and unnecessary costs caused by traditional rigid processes and to allow for individual tailored onboarding experiences securely in a hybrid remote/office working environment.

“With our help, customers can automatically onboard and offboard supplemental talent and their required technology to make a difference right away.” continued Wolf. “We orchestrate and deploy talent journey and secure remote work experiences in ways that unlock maximum talent performance, value, and ROI. This translates to more productivity, better engagement, and rapid time to proficiency business stakeholders expect and demand in today’s business climates.”

A2K Partners consults with companies up-front to dissect every step of the talent journey and pre-integrate the secure technology solution into their environment. This includes equipping talent with an efficient and intelligent cloud-based digital workspace from technology partner Citrix that allows customers to open new talent pools and better ability to work with resources in low-bandwidth geographical locations. It can also eliminate the need to give workers company desktops and laptops along with administrative burden and support from the IT department. The result cuts time to proficiency by 2/3rds, while boosting engagement and productivity by 20% to redefine and simplify what it means to get work done securely from anywhere, anytime.

“Companies need to embrace more flexible work models that enable their workforce to better execute and access the best talent to win.” said Scott Swansburg, Managing Director, Commercial Partner Sales, U.S. at Citrix “Companies that leverage secure digital workspace technology from Citrix to enable remote work can tap into hard-to-find talent in distributed locations to contain costs and increase employee engagement and resulting productivity. Our technology is proving how to transform productivity gains into real dollars.”

Secure digital work environments are no longer an option for any company. Trusted identity and access are now vital tickets to play for external talent and contingent workforce providers. Businesses have a real concern about how data is being accessed and how to effectively secure it. A remote workforce presents an expanded attack perimeter and requires a different mindset. The Secure Talent Cloud solution from A2K Partners was created with this in mind and to set a new standard where people can hire quality talent and have them safely do their work from anywhere.

“Work is no longer about getting the most out of people anyway, anyhow, the new standard requires work to be flexible and frictionless. But the real secret is to get the workforce to operate at the top of their skill range. Companies need to free up maximum people time and energy and apply it to their most impactful strategic initiatives working on only the business-critical tasks at every level of employee.” Wolf said in closing. “Now more than ever, companies must accelerate reskilling and upskilling their organization with responsive and forward-thinking variable talent to meet constantly changing needs, stay relevant and outpace their competitors, crisis or not.”

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